What you need to know about Gravel Driveways

Driveways, and roads in general, have come a long way since their beginning. Dirt tracks that were once frequented by horse and carriage are now populated with cars. We look to create the most aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching designs we can. Even with these bespoke designs, we’re also remaining practical. After all, the driveways of 2020 have to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles. Not to mention the astonishing ability of children who seem to be able to destroy anything. With so many different types of driveway materials on the markets, it’s no surprise that many become confused. Here At King’s Driveways, we are placing the focus on gravel! Here are a few facts.


  • If your house is located in an area that receives a lot of moisture, such as rainfall or high humidity- gravel could be the perfect solution. It allows moisture to drain away very quickly, this means you don’t have to worry about the drains at the end of your driveway flooding. and creating a mini neighborhood swimming pool!
  • A gravel driveway is not a permanently flat surface which means that it needs constant care to ensure that it maintains its aesthetic value. The longer you continue to put off removing debris such as leaves and sticks from your gravel driveway, the more difficult and time-consuming you are making it for your future self when you finally get around to it. This task should be completed on a weekly basis for those who want a pristine exterior.
  • Gravel is a very durable material and whilst it requires more maintenance. Gravel has been said to last a lifetime when homeowners correctly care for it. The maintenance of a gravel driveway includes raking it on a regular basis to ensure that the distribution of material is even. It is also wise to remove debris such as leaves. If maintained, You do not have to have the gravel re-laid in the future. Any holes in the surface should always be filled with fresh gravel, as moving existing material from one place to another will result in an uneven layer.

Range and Types of Gravel

  • Unlike some materials, gravel comes in a wide range of different colors and types. It’s particularly important if you are looking for a wide range to choose from. For example, gravel with smaller stones allows for a surface that is easier to walk and balance on. It makes it perfect for homes that are frequented by high foot traffic.

Gravel is always seen as a risky material when it comes to a driveway. However, more and more homeowners are attracted to the crunching sounds it makes as you walk from your car to your front door. Whether you’re looking for that aesthetic gravel look or want something completely different. Kings Driveways team has got you covered!

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