The basic cost of a 40′ x 60′ concrete slab that’s 6″ thick is between $6 and $8 per square foot.

That figures out to $14,400.00 – $19,200.00 depending on the cost of materials and labor in your area.

what does my pricing include:


  • Labor to set up the forms with 2 x 6’s 
  • 3000 psi concrete with 3/4″ stone that’s 6″ thick
  • Wire mesh or Fibermesh reinforcement
  • Double row of rebar around the edges
  • Labor to pour the concrete slab
  • Labor to power trowel finish the concrete to a smooth finish
  • Sawed contraction joints (to help control shrinkage cracking)
  • Anchor bolts installed (if desired)
  • 6 mil poly vapor barrier

how much would a 40′ x 60′ concrete slab cost that’s 4″ thick

If everything else is the same and all you’re doing is comparing the cost of a 6″ slab VS a 4″ slab, the cost would drop about $2000.00.

This is because you’re using about 16 cubic yards LESS on a 4″ slab compared to a 6″ slab. You’ll save on the cost of using less concrete.

I’m basing my figure on using a price of $120 per cubic yard of concrete and rounding it up to 2000.

cost of materials vs cost of labor

The cost of 3000 psi concrete per yard generally cost $115.00 per cubic yard. (pricing will vary in your area, check with your local ready-mix supplier) $2.25 per sq ft

Light gauge wire mesh generally cost about $8.00 for a 5′ x 10′ sheet. $.18 per sq ft

Fibermesh in the concrete will add from $5 – $8 dollars per cubic yard of concrete $.13 per sq ft

#4 or 1/2″ rebar costs about $8 per 20 foot long piece (21 pieces) $.07 per sq ft

50 anchor bolts 6″ length costs $75 $.03 per sq ft

1.25 rolls of 20′ x 100′ 6 mil poly vapor barrier $125.00 $.05 per sq ft

Total cost of materials: $2.71 per sq ft

The cost of labor to form, pour, finish, and saw cut the slab makes up the rest or approximately $3.30 – $5.30 per sq ft

Use my 40’x60′ concrete slab cost as a general guide to inform yourself and expect to get higher or lower pricing where you live.

what costs doesn’t my pricing include:

My concrete slab pricing above doesn’t include the following things:

  • Cost to prep the gravel under the slab
  • Building permits or any underground testing needed prior to
  • Styrofoam under the slab (could add up to $2.25 per sq ft to total price)
  • Thickened edges or thicker areas in the slab needed to support more weight (could add $1 – 1.50 per sq ft to price)
  • Installing a floor drain or any type of drainage

estimating your concrete slab cost

Using my concrete slab prices above will give you a close estimate as to what your actual slab cost will be.

Depending on who you get estimates from, your contractor could have much higher labor costs, materials costs, and profit margins than I do.

I would recommend getting 3 estimates if you can. One of the best ways to find concrete slab contractors in your area is to contact your local concrete ready-mix supplier.

These are the companies that deliver concrete to contractors like me. They know who the better concrete slab installers are in your area. 

Google “ready mix concrete near me” and a list of concrete companies will show up.

Call 1 or 2 of them and ask for the best concrete slab guys they deliver concrete to.

Ask each contact what their 40×60 concrete slab cost is and make sure you compare prices using the same specifications to get accurate estimates.

how to pour a concrete slab

In the video below I’m installing a 40′ x 50′ concrete slab for a customer. I would pour a 40 x 60 slab the same way.

This slab has 12″ thick edges so that added to the total cost like I said above.

warning: 40 x 60 slab costs from other “home” sites

Be careful using slab cost information from some of the “HOME” sites on the web. 

I checked out their “concrete slab costs” for a 40×60 slab and the pricing was all over the place. I would say they’re not very accurate and don’t really articulate what the actual cost would be.

I’m not sure where they’re getting their costs or pricing from but it’s not from an actual concrete contractor like me.

Having said that, use my slab costs as a guide only. I live in Maine and the costs of living is different here than in NY, CA, FL or other states. 

My goal is just to provide you with some information as a base line of costs for a particular size concrete slab.


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