The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) is a national sports training facility that houses some of Australia’s top athletes and instructors. Visitors are welcome to view the facilities, which offer sports science and medicine services and training and lodging spaces.


The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) is a world-class sports training facility in Canberra, in the middle of Belconnen, ACT, Australia. The Institute is dedicated to the success and development of Australian athletes and teams. It offers a comprehensive range of facilities, services, and programs to help elite and aspiring athletes in several sports perform and improve. AIS offers cutting-edge sporting facilities and equipment, including swimming pools, sports fields, gyms, and recovery centers. The center also has advanced technology and equipment, including motion capture systems, altitude chambers, and cryotherapy, to assist athletes in successfully training and recovering. In addition, the Institute provides various athlete training programs customized to individual athletes and teams.


The Institute is established on a full-time resident athlete campus and offers athletes on-campus housing, food, and other facilities. The AIS also provides athletes accommodation and support services, including housing, nutrition, and sports science. These services are intended to assist athletes in improving their performance and well-being. The AIS was founded in 1981 to increase Australian athletes’ performance and success at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. It has since played an essential part in the success of Australian athletes at international competitions. Many world-class athletes have graduated from the Institute, including champions in swimming, cycling, gymnastics, and other sports.

Australian Institute of Sport Equipments

Sporting Equipment

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) has a wide range of cutting-edge sports facilities and equipment to help Australian athletes improve and succeed. Swimming, cycling, gymnastics, and other sports are among the activities offered by the Institute. Swimming pools at the AIS include a 50-meter indoor pool, a 25-meter outdoor pool, and a diving pool with 1m, 3m, 5m, and 10m diving boards. These pools use cutting-edge technology and equipment, including electronic timing systems and underwater cameras, to assist swimmers in training and to compete more successfully. The Institute also features sports fields, gyms with cutting-edge cardio and strength-training equipment, and recuperation areas with ice baths, saunas, and recovery pools.


Aside from the facilities, AIS provides access to cutting-edge equipment and technology. The Institute, for example, features motion capture technologies, altitude chambers, and cryotherapy to help athletes exercise and recover more effectively. In addition, AIS offers substantial sports science and sports medicine teams to assist athletes with their physical, emotional, and medical demands. The Institute also provides various athlete training programs customized to the demands of individual athletes and teams. These programs are intended to assist athletes in developing their abilities, improving their performance, and reaching their goals. In addition, the Institute offers specialized training and services for athletes with disabilities. If you’re planning a visit to Canberra, be sure to include a stop at the Canberra International Sports and Aquatic Centre (CISAC). This state-of-the-art facility offers a wide range of fitness, recreation and sports activities that are sure to delight visitors of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you’re looking to swim, play a game of basketball or squash, lift weights or take a fitness class, CISAC has something for everyone.

Accommodation and assistance services

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) offers athletes various lodging and support services to improve their performance and well-being. These services allow athletes to concentrate on their training and performance without being distracted by other elements of their lives. Housing is one of AIS’s most crucial accommodation and support services. The Institute provides athletes and teams with various on-campus housing choices, including apartments and shared rooms. These accommodations give athletes a comfortable and secure place to live while training and competing. The Institute also offers catering and a dining hall where athletes may enjoy nutritional meals adapted to their specific demands. The AIS employs sports dietitians and nutritionists to help athletes to ensure proper nutrition and hydration through their training and competition objectives.


The AIS also offers sports science and sports medicine services to help athletes improve their performance and well-being. Among the services provided are physiotherapy, massage therapy, sports psychology, strength and conditioning, and injury prevention. The sports science team consists of an exercise physiologist, a biomechanist, and a sports physiotherapist who collaborate to improve athlete performance. Overall, AIS’s lodging and support services are intended to allow athletes to concentrate on their training and competition without having to worry about other parts of their lives. The Institute provides athletes with a comfortable, safe, and supportive environment to excel. The accommodation and support services are intended to improve athletes’ overall performance, health, and well-being.

Australian Institute of Sport Volleyball training

Programs for High Performance

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) provides a wide range of high-performance programs to help top and aspiring athletes develop and succeed. These programs aim to identify and develop the next generation of outstanding athletes in various sports. Talent identification is one of the primary high-performance programs provided by AIS. The institution offers various talent discovery programs to identify athletes with the ability to compete at the top level. These programs assist in identifying athletes who have the physical, mental, and emotional attributes necessary to compete at the best story in their sport. The Institute also provides coaching programs to help athletes enhance their skills and performance. The AIS employs some of the country’s most outstanding coaches in several sports who work with players to help them develop their talents and attain their maximum potential.


AIS also offers athlete development programs to assist athletes transitioning from junior to high-level competition. The programs are intended to provide athletes with the skills, information, and support they require to achieve success at the highest level. The programs address various topics, including physical and mental training, lifestyle management, and athlete care. The High-Performance programs offered by AIS are intended to help athletes develop over time. These programs are highly effective at identifying, developing, and nurturing athletes with the potential to achieve elite performance. The Institute’s programs are evidence-based and constantly examined to ensure that they effectively meet their objectives.

Collaborations and Partnerships

To help promote the performance and development of Australian athletes, the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) has formed various partnerships and collaborations with other organizations. These agreements and teamwork are essential to the Institute’s activities, ensuring that athletes have access to the most recent research, technologies, and knowledge.One of AIS’s primary collaborations is with other national and state-level athletic organizations. These collaborations enable AIS to collaborate closely with other organizations to share information, skills, and resources. This ensures that athletes have access to the best facilities and support services regardless of location.


The AIS collaborates with research organizations and universities to support its research and development initiatives. These relationships enable the Institute to have access to cutting-edge research and technologies, as well as engage with professionals from several sectors. This contributes to the Institute’s activities and services being evidence-based and supported by the most recent research. AIS collaborates with government entities such as the Australian Sports Commission to help Australian athletes develop and succeed. These collaborations ensure that the Institute’s programs and services align with the national sports policy and are funded by the government.


Finally, the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) is a world-renowned high-performance sports facility that offers a variety of facilities, programs, and support services to assist Australian athletes in their development and success. The Institute provides cutting-edge athletic facilities and equipment, such as swimming pools, sports fields, gyms, and recovery centers, as well as access to advanced technology and equipment. Athletes also have access to various accommodation and support services, including lodging, nutrition, and sports science services, all of which are geared to help them perform and be happy. AIS also provides various high-performance programs to identify and nurture the next generation of competitive athletes, including talent discovery, coaching, and athlete development. The Institute has formed alliances and collaborations with various organizations, such as athletic groups, research institutes, and government agencies, to help promote the performance and development of Australian athletes.

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