Concreting Cutting Canberra

Cutting concrete is a job for a highly skilled professional, someone who can do the job quickly so you don’t have to hear the loud noises for a long time. PC Concreting Canberra is known for its reliable and professional company to cut and drill concrete.

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Professional Concrete Cutting Services In Canberra And It’s Surrounding Areas

We have trained technicians working for us who know how to operate heavy duty machinery and perform precise concrete cutting jobs. We give importance to safety for people, the inhabitants of the residents and the our workers. We have a set of rules and safety procedures to take care of everyone while the concrete cutting is going on. Our team gives special attention to containing dust from concrete cutting. One of the major issues while cutting concrete comes from silica, they are microscopic inorganic particles that may cause irritation if it went in your eyes or respiratory system. Our team is given necessary masks to avoid silica contamination.

What Concrete Cutting And Why Is It Done?

Concrete cutting is an intricate process. It may be done to cut slabs of concrete. It may be done when modifying a house, like cutting a door into the wall, adding a basement or cellar to the house. Making changes in the concrete foundation or repairing a utility line under the pavement may require you to cut the concrete.Concrete cutting can be done during the construction process or on an old concrete surface.

Concrete cutting is performed by special technicians from certified contractors. The guided sawing, grinding and demolition is done by high quality saws. These saws are not your regular saws, they have diamond blades making them sharp and strong against the hard concrete surface. When you hire PC concreting Canberra you will be getting modern concrete techniques and machinery. The end result will be clean, attractive and systematic cuts on your concrete surface. If there is one thing we are proud of, it’s our skill to perform skilled work when it comes to everything concrete. The use of water reduces dust eases the process. Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection before starting the work, so we do not make any mistakes.

We Have The Experience In Cutting Concrete

When you want to do a job like cutting concrete, you need someone you can trust. A certified company that has experience in performing this work. We have heavy duty diamond saws that we use for commercial and residential concrete cutting in Canberra ACT. We are the first choice for concrete services in Canberra, concrete cutting one of our forte. Concrete work needs a skill set that an amature company won’t be able to provide. We have been performing cutting concrete bases for more than two decades, we know how to do the service right. PC Concreting Canberra knows how to perform accurate cutting for whatever reason you need it for. We can work alongside your electricians or plumbers to add electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, inlets, outlets, ventilation holes, furnaces, industrial concrete cutting etc.

You Get Affordable Concrete Cutting With Us

When it comes to affordability, you can be sure you are getting charges what is reasonable. All our services are competitively priced. We will never over charge for concrete cutting service or for any other concrete service. Many companies have a nominal fee you have to pay no matter the amount of work, bringing the equipment might need you to pay more than 300$. When you hire we do not go overboard with such charges. The charges strictly depend on the work we have performed and the number of hours we have given to the project. You don’t need to hire the equipment separately when you hire us, all the changes will be included in the end contract estimated. We bring our own equipment. You will be given a break down of all the charges. You may what the estimate is and stay tension free that your work is being done by skilled professionals.

Our Workers Are Insured

When it comes to concrete cutting, the work comes with a high risk of work injuries. You wouldn’t want to get sued for such accidents. Although we have very few work accidents due to being particular about safety, however in case such unfortunate things do happen, our workers are fully covered. Our company policies are thorough with securing our workers.

We Do Timely Work

Our workers are highly effective at doing their work on time. We will give you an estimate on when the project will be completed. We are serious about our work and perform our duties in time.

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