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Concrete is the ‘foundation’ of most building and many industrial projects. And a poor or weak foundation can cause massive repercussions during and particularly after an asset is delivered. The inspection of concrete works is critical to ensuring that the concrete being used on your projects is strong – and will ensure the durability of the asset.

To remove or at least mitigate the risk of weak or compromised concrete ever being placed on a site or project, projects require that an inspection to record the placement of concrete and quality control measures is conducted on site.

The Concreters Checklist For Building A Elegant Driveway


The Concreters Checklist For Building A Elegant Driveway

A driveway is no less important than the house itself. This case will be accentuated even more if you own a car or have been thinking about buying one for some time. The kind of car you have or want to have also acts as a deciding factor for the driveway.

Building a driveway isn’t that difficult, and a lot of people have made their own driveways. However, if you do not have enough idea about construction or the basics of it, it will be best if you hire a concrete contractor to do it for you.

Anyway, if you still wish to go ahead with your DIY driveway plan, this article has all the information you could possibly need. This can also be helpful if you are looking to know more about concrete driveways.

Instruments needed for an elegant driveway

Not having a safe or stable space to park your car can quickly turn into a nuisance. While finding a nice garage nearby can be a hassle, it might cost you more than you expected as well.

Getting or building a garage can also mean awaiting the government’s legal consent, which, at least, can take months. However, driveways don’t require a license and can be got over with quickly.

Garages and carports ensure the safety of a car even more, but it might not be the most budget-friendly plan for you. On the other hand, a driveway can not only relieve you of the safety of your car; it will also keep you from drilling a hole into your pocket.

Below we will be listing down all the necessary items you will be needing while building a driveway:

  • Edger
  • Broom
  • Grover
  • Hose
  • Spirit Level
  • Hand Float
  • Straight Edge Tool
  • Cement Trowel
  • Stakes
  • Shovel
  • Tape Measure
  • Compactor
  • Hand Spade
  • Site String Line
  • Wheelbarrow

Apart from these tools, you might want to make use of a couple of these machines:

  • A posi track, mini-excavator or, dingo
  • A machine that curbs concrete
  • A machine that pours concrete
  • A wacker packer or a vibratory plate compactor
  • A trailer that will help deliver materials

It will be better if you rent them instead of buying them since it won’t be of much help unless you are invested in the construction industry. Therefore, renting them will be a wiser alternative.

How to go about the building of a driveway?

This section will include the proper instruction on how to build a driveway, which will consist of a step-to-step:

Take a look at your underground utilities

Before digging any ground, or initiating any construction, checking the underground facilities is a must. Usually, a great deal of our electric supply or water supply is designed under the ground.

As a result, any location having a surplus of electric work or water pipes might not be ideal for construction. Almost every state provides a service that offers assistance while digging a particular location.

This service usually checks whether a location is suitable for construction. A ground can only be worked on, legally, if it has a certification from this organization.

If your preferred ground is not ideal for a driveway or any sort of digging, you might have to relocate.

Get an idea of your boundary by surveying the land

When you buy a piece of land, a specific boundary is allocated to your name. After a building is erected on the land, people use fences or walls to demarcate their property. However, sometimes people fail to do so.

Therefore, before you start digging on the land, gather your blueprints, and get a clear idea of your boundaries.

Demarcate your area by staking out the boundaries

Take the wooden stakes that you have bought and mark the area you will be working on for the driveway.

Level the concerned area

With the help of a shovel or a mini excavator, excavate about 250mm off the ground.

Stick wooden forms around the stakes

This step will make sure that the concrete doesn’t spill over to the area beyond the stakes.

Thicken the base and dampen it

Increasing the base thickness depends mainly on the soil condition. Usually, a 4-10 mm thickness would do. This filler would include a layer of gravel and sand. Utilize the compactor to level it and then moisten it.

Take the concrete to the area

A wheelbarrow or tractor would be ideal for this task. Pour it evenly on the location and smooth it with the help of a trowel.

Cure the concrete

You can cure the concrete with the help of a sealant. However, the easier way would be to water it daily.

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