Most people think of concrete as a sturdy material that doesn’t require much maintenance. However, over time, concrete can settle, creating cracks and uneven surfaces. In addition, tree roots can lift and damage sections of concrete. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: concrete lifting. Also known as mudjacking, concrete lifting is a process in which a hydraulically-powered lift raises sunken sections of concrete back to their original position. Not only is this process less expensive than replacing the damaged concrete, but it also causes minimal disruption to your property. In addition, since the lifted concrete is not removed or replaced, there is no need to worry about matching the color or texture of the original surface. As a result, concrete lifting is often the best choice for correcting sunken or damaged sections of concrete.

Concrete Lifting: The Better Choice

We’ve all seen homes and businesses that have concrete slabs that are cracked or uneven. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to deal with concrete slab issues and will often leave them in disrepair. It’s true that concrete slabs are heavy and difficult to repair, and sometimes fixes don’t seem to last very long, so it might seem easier to just leave the slab alone.

Concrete Lifting: The Better Choice

The problem with ignoring a concrete slab that has damage is that it could be detrimental to the foundation and/or create a hazard for people in the area. The good news is there is a better choice when it comes to concrete repair that doesn’t require large sums of money or filling in gaps with new concrete, and it lasts for a long time too.

Concrete lifting is a revolutionary option when there is a concrete slab that needs attention. Concrete lifting prevents home and business owners from needing to repair or replace concrete in the traditional way but instead allows them to lift the concrete back into its original position for a longer-lasting solution.

How does concrete lifting work? It’s actually quite simple. Rather than digging up the existing concrete or filling in gaps around the damaged area, concrete lifting involves the insertion of a specialty foam that lifts and evens out the concrete while providing a supportive surface underneath. This method is more cost-effective and offers longer-lasting solutions than traditional concrete repair.

From sidewalks to garages, porches, and patios, concrete lifting could be just the solution you need if you have concrete slabs that need attention.


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