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Concrete is a type of material that does not need a lot of maintenance. However maintenance of concrete surface can keep it in top shape, always shiny and beautiful. Regular cleaning and polishing has shown to increase the lustre of the concrete and make it look great.

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Professional Concrete Maintenance Service In Canberra

PC Concreting Canberra provides all sorts of maintenance services in Canberra. We have years of experience in all sorts of concrete services including maintenance service. We will increase the longevity of your concrete surface.

If you have an old concrete driveway that has lost its colour, grown mold on the surface, has lost its appeal due to years of weathering, you need pressure washing service. At PC Concreting Canberra we have the best pressure washing equipment to clean old and dirty concrete surfaces at an affordable rate. Besides cleaning the surface there are other things we do as well in regards to maintaining concrete.

Why Do You Need Maintenance For Your Concrete Surface?

In our experience, we have seen outdoor concrete surfaces are more vulnerable to environmental damage. It stays in the sun the whole day. It shrinks and expands with change in the temperature, it may fade in colour. Rain water will get into the cracks developed due to shrinkage and expansion of the concrete surface and make them bigger. Resurfacing will decrease the changes of more cracks formation and prevent the existing ones from getting larger.

We perform stamping and staining of concrete if your concrete surface has faded in colour and you need to retain it’s aesthetics. Our team has the experience and knowledge to do the procedure at a reasonable cost and with efficiency.

Taking Care Of The Cracks

Cracks look bad on the concrete. They decrease the proper value and are unsafe to drive or walk on. Water can reach inside the concrete through the crack and damage it from inside. Part of the maintenance is to take care of small concrete issues. Joint and crack resealing will reduce the chances of cracks, since the concrete is the most vulnerable at those parts. minimizes the infiltration of surface water and in compressible material into the joint system.

Grinding Can Improve Concrete Surface

Diamond Grinding the concrete will smooth out any rough patches on the surface. Uneven surface is the main cause of early cracking and breaking of concrete surface due to uneven distribution of weight. When we grind the concrete it becomes smooth. It makes the concrete beautiful, it also increases the quality of it.

Why Choose Us?

PC Concreting Canberra provides all services related to concrete. We are a polite, customer centric and ethical company operating in Canberra. We know how to perform efficient work within schedule so you get value for money.

Our services are competitively priced. We never over change for our services. You will get a free estimate before we start working on your property, so you can make an educated decision without any obligations.

We are highly sensible about time. Are you flexible with our schedule. If you don’t want people to work on your property when there is no one home, schedule us when you are home. If you don’t want to hear the noise or work the schedule the service when you are not at home.

We will make sure you are always informed about the services and progress. Communication is important to us and keeping in touch with the property owner is our duty.

We will finish our work on schedule. We do not take ages to do the work, we won’t make you suffer by keeping on with construction noise for days on end. We understand your peace is important and that’s why we will perform quick but effective service.

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It is a known truth that maintenance is far more economical than repairs. Maintenance comes in various shapes and forms. Resurfacing, polishing, patching are some of the ways to maintain concrete. Regular cleaning is something you will have to do regularly if you want to keep the concrete surface clean and shiny. You can use chemicals and detergent to clean the concrete patio, pavement or driveway once a month. If you do not have the time to do so, call our maintenance team, we will provide affordable maintenance service that you have no issue hiring.


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