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PC Concreting Canberra specializes in all forms of concrete demolition and removal. Concrete removal is not the job of an amature, you need a company who has a protocol for this job.

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Providing Professional Concrete Removal Service In Canberra And It’s Surrounding Areas

The equal distribution of manual labour and mechanical efficiency is important for the removal of concrete. PC Concreting Canberra not only installed concrete surfaces, it is efficient at the removal as well. We have taken up big projects to remove concrete for meters and meters of areas. We know what it takes to cut, drill, break and remove concrete. Oftentimes it is not only the concrete itself but the steel inside that needs to be removed as well. For safe and affordable concrete removal call PC Concreting Canberra.

No matter the type of concrete surface, PC Concreting Canberra has years of experience in removing all types of concrete surfaces. We have a dedicated team who takes care of the removal process and does it safely. We have worked for residences all over Canberra, big commercial properties to reduce and reshape their concrete surfaces at an affordable price. With process equipment and knowledge we can tackle any size of project, cutting and replacing concrete surfaces. Whether you want to replace your driveway or pavement, we will do it all.

Why Hire a Professional For Concrete Removal?

To Provide Safety

There is a reason why amatures should not try DIY concrete removal. Using heavy equipment on the concrete to break, cut and remove it may be dangerous. You may get severely hurt. Let it be handled by a professional who has done it before and has the necessary gear to do so. Also concrete dust is harmful for your health. Concrete dust may get in your eyes without the proper protection and cause harm to your wellbeing. Therefore it is necessary to simply call for you to employ a professional contractor to do the concrete removal.

Clean Up Mess After The Job

Another huge advantage of hiring a contractor is not having to deal with the mess. Concrete waste is a pain, it is heavy and difficult to get rid of. When you hire professionals you won’t have to think about the burden on your back having to push the concrete hunks. You just won’t have to struggle to find out where to go with it all.

Professionals Have The Proper Equipment

We have seen homeowners trying to remove concrete on their own with things such as a sledge hammer. Not only is it extremely unsafe, it is ineffective at removing the concrete properly. You may get back pull and arm pain trying to break down the concrete surface. The best thing to do is call a contractor to do the work and they’re going to have machinery like a jackhammer and concrete cutters that will help them to do the work with ease.

PC Concreting Canberra is committed to the safe and effective removal of concrete from your property, driveway, pavement or any other concrete surface. With our recycled concrete from the concrete demolition or concrete replacement project, we will decrease landfill rates, resulting in significant environmental saving.

Regardless of the scale of the concrete removal project–talk to one of our professionally qualified professional concreters and get a free estimate today.

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We are proud of maintaining work safety for our employees, giving them proper safety gear such as helmets, gloves, shoes, safety attire, masks etc to keep themselves safe during the removal process. We also have modern equipment that prevents the concrete dust from spreading. We take care of the debri by ourselves, you don’t have to hire a different company to take away the concrete debris, we will take them with you leaving the areas free of any remnants of the concrete. We recycle the excavated concrete and disposal in a good, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way.


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