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Are you looking to install a concrete containing wall for your landscape? Finding a reliable company who installs quality concrete retaining walls can be tricky. You deserve the best in town, PC Concreting Canberra has years of experience and exceptional craftsmanship to construct Concrete Retaining Walls.

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Why Do You Need a Retaining Wall?

The most common use of retaining walls is to beautify your property, landscape your land and a classical look to your backyard garden. Retaining walls blend right in with gardens, greenery and garden ornament. From a functional perspective retaining walls are used to prevent soil erosion. Retaining walls will add to the house’s security if you are constructing them as fence. Fighting gravity is the most fundamental feature of a retaining wall. They can separate two levels of grounds and in many cases hold soil for gardening. Soil within the levels of retaining walls are used as flower beds to plant flowers, shrubs, fern etc.

We have built retaining walls for houses, businesses and public areas like schools and parks. Retaining walls look sophisticated, gives you additional gardening space and enhances the look of your property.

Why Choose Concrete For Retaining Walls?

Concrete is not the only option for retaining walls, but it certainly is the most inexpensive one. Uncut stones need to be shipped from a long distance, it will increase the material cost and also cause the stones to break and get damaged during the shipping process. Concrete gives a free hand to the installer to show their skill sets, and design a retaining wall that will look as good as a stone retaining wall. You can go for a traditional concrete wall to retail soil in the levels. Or you can ask our team members for something creative. You can go for coloured concrete, stone pattern on the wall, designs on the wall surface etc to make the concrete retaining wall look more appealing.

Another reason to choose concrete is because of its durability. Concrete do not bend, break, rot or break under the pressure of the soil. It is one of the strongest wall materials. You can install it once and forget about it. With time concrete retaining walls increases in strength instead of decreasing. The water in the soil, sun, heat, rain, hail have no effect on concrete. It does not weather that easily, it can stand strong against heavy impact and will not budge even in the worst of weather.

Concrete is fire-resistant. If you are constructing concrete retaining walls as a substitute for timber retaining walls you will be doing yourself a favour. Concrete can’t transfer fire. Even if it’s dry, it will never catch fire.

Concrete prevents pest infestation. Rats, termites and other pets make home in timber and stone retaining walls. The crevices of stone retaining walls are heaven for bugs to stay, infest your properly, and destroy your garden. Since concrete does not retain as much moisture and does not have space in it to hold bugs, the pest infestation is significantly lower in concrete retaining walls.

Why Hire Us To Install Concrete Retaining Walls For You?

We are experts when it comes to the installation of concrete retaining walls. When you call us we will dispatch a team on the scheduled time to come and start working soon. They will proper measurements and start the work. Our team has all the needed equipment, machines and knowledge to build retaining wall construction.

Having proper drainage is important for retaining walls to prevent flooding the retaining wall flower beds. Our team will construct proper drainage mechanics while building the retaining wall.

PC Concreting Canberra’s construction will last a lifetime, and if you implement drainage strategies, the retaining wall would be well positioned to keep off erosion for years to come.

PC Concreting Canberra has years of experience to contribute to the retention wall project. Our useful expertise will help you reduce the chances of any flaws in the architecture. A badly constructed retaining wall will abruptly break down, unleashing a torrent of stones and mud. With us that will never happen.

Landscaping that is crammed incorrectly behind a retaining wall will move, taking your home with it.

Building a retaining wall for these purposes is one time when paying for professional assistance clearly makes sense. Our team will help you build a retaining wall that looks amazing and can stand up to harsh weather for years.

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