Does A New Concrete Driveway Increase Home Value?


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Just how much does a concrete driveway cost? * There is no single answer to the question. It depends on the size of the driveway, the shape of the land and the type of concreting you have actually done. There are lots of choices to think about, from plain concrete to different kinds of decorative concrete.

First you need to compute the size of the driveway. Many councils specify a minimum width of 3 metres. If the driveway is 3 metres broad and 6 metres long, it will be 18m2. Concrete driveways also need to be thicker than concrete paving. 125mm is defined in numerous areas. Driveways are for that reason more costly than concrete paving and must be constructed to Australian requirements.

The expense of the driveway likewise depends on the slope. Concreting on a flat surface expenses $65 to $85 per square metre. If the driveway is sloping, the expense is about $10 more per square metre. Assuming you require 18m2, the cost of a plain concrete driveway will be $1170 to $1530 on a flat surface area or $1350 to $1710 on a sloping surface.

Expense will also differ if you are doing concrete driveway resurfacing. The costs listed above are for the concreting only. They do not include excavation or a base. Concrete driveways must not be poured over dirt. They need a solid base if they are going to withstand the weather. The most frequent reason for pits is disintegration under the concrete.

The actual cost of an 18m2 driveway may be more like $2600 on a flat slope or $2800 on a sloping surface. Add another $250 or more if the slope is steeper. Rather than regular grey, a coloured concrete driveway can make the driveway more appealing. There are three methods to include colour to a concrete driveway.

Does A New Concrete Driveway Increase Home Value?

They are low-cost and can be a Do It Yourself job. Better quality driveway paints will give longer lasting results, however anticipate to repaint the driveway periodically. Another way to include colour to a concrete driveway is to have spray on concrete used to the surface. It will cost between $50 to $75 per square metre, but will outlast concrete paint.

If you’re pouring a brand-new concrete driveway, this may be the finest option. It will just cost about $10 per square metre more than plain concrete. Since it is contributed to the concrete mix, it is the most durable kind of coloured concrete. Exposed aggregate driveways have been popular because the 1960s and for good factor.

Exposed aggregate is applied after the concrete piece is poured and can be applied over old concrete after the concrete is fixed and cleaned up. Exposed aggregate maintains its appearance and can be cleaned if grease or oil gets on the surface. It is an excellent choice for all driveways. It looks excellent and is difficult.

This is on top of the expense of the concrete. On an 18m2 driveway, the expense for exposed aggregate will be between $1800 and $2700. The next action up from coloured concrete is stencilled concrete. Ornamental concreters have lots of stencils to select from. You can also choose from dozens of colours.

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The driveway now has a pattern. It can appear like natural stone or be coloured in any colour you like. Plain concrete between the stencilled pattern appears like grout lines in between coloured bricks or pavers. You can even use two or more colours to create a border or style in the middle of the driveway.

Does Concrete Stamping Last?

Since no two tasks are exactly alike, you need to get quotes for concrete stencilling. Usually, concrete stencilling expenses in between $3000 and $4500 depending on the complexity of the style and the size of the driveway. Stencilling offers you a flat surface. It still looks great, however doesn’t have texture.

Like stencilling, ornamental concreters have numerous textures to pick from or can stamp grout lines in between “pavers” or “brick.” Great concreters can make a stamped concrete driveway look like a paved driveway. (image copyright Statewide Driveway Solutions) Concrete stamping involves a number of steps. Coloured concrete is poured over a concrete slab.

Then the concreters utilize their body weight to impress the stamp into the concrete. The concrete is delegated dry for three days. Then a pressure washer is utilized to get rid of any staying release representative and dust. The last action is the application of a sealant after the concrete has actually dried.


Easy patterns expense between $88 and $132 per square metre. Typically, the expense is around $120 per square metre plus GST. The cost can be as high as $200 per square metre for an extremely detailed design that requires more than one colour. Concreting is a more hard process than it appears like.

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