Written by Admin and published on are oftentimes one of the most overlooked areas of home construction and maintenance, although one of the first aesthetic components of your home that visitors notice.The material used for your driveway can have a significant impact on not only the way it looks, but it also affects its durability and function. There are many factors to consider when choosing which type of material to use when laying a residential driveway.

This helpful guide will get you on the path to choosing the best driveway for your home and will provide pros and cons for two of the most common driveway surfaces – gravel and asphalt.



While most driveways should last for decades, they eventually do wear out and need to be dug up and rebuilt.

If you’re struggling with whether to add an asphalt or gravel driveway, consider these factors.

1. Cost

When it comes to your new driveway’s cost, gravel, or crushed stone, may be the more affordable option. A typical gravel driveway could cost just $1,200 to $1,500.

Asphalt’s more expensive than gravel, but the final cost depends on the project’s size. An asphalt driveway could cost anywhere from $2,300 to $10,000.

2. Maintenance and Durability

A driveway’s lifespan depends on a wide variety of factors including the weather and how much moisture is in the ground.

In most areas, an asphalt driveway should last 20 or even 30 years if properly maintained. To maintain the driveway, you need to regularly scrape and resurface it.

Gravel driveways should last 100 years, but you might need to add more material every year or two.

3. Safety

It may surprise you to hear that gravel driveways could actually damage your vehicle if you aren’t careful.

In addition to getting small rocks trapped in the wheels, this type of driveway can kick up quite a bit of dust! Over time, that dust could get into your home’s heating and cooling system or your vehicle’s air filters.

Most of these issues can be avoided as long as you purchase your gravel from a construction material supplier that uses high-quality crushed stone.

4. Appearance

The importance of your driveway’s appearance comes down to personal preference. However, asphalt will always be the same color, and some homeowners would like to avoid a black driveway.

Crushed rock, on the other hand, comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes. You can choose a single type of stone or mix the stones to create unique patterns and designs.

Once you have decided on a material to use, you must then look for a licensed contractor in your area. While it might be tempting to try to save some money by carrying out this project on your own, this type of project usually requires a permit, and working without that paperwork could result in huge fines.

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