The Googong Dam, which offers fishing, boating, and picnic areas


The Googong Dam is a big artificial dam in the Queanbeyan district of New South Wales, Australia. It was developed to provide the region with a consistent water supply, including irrigation and drinking water for the local town of Queanbeyan and the surrounding areas. The Dam is in stunning natural settings and provides tourists with various recreational activities and facilities.

The Dam is approximately 16 kilometers east of Queanbeyan and is easily accessible by automobile. Visitors can take a walk around the Dam and explore the surrounding area, which includes the nearby Googong Reservoir. There are tourist parking sites, and all of the Dam’s facilities are handicap accessible.

The Googong Dam was erected in the 1970s and served as the region’s primary supply of water. The Dam was constructed to help satisfy the region’s expanding water demands and provide a consistent water supply for irrigation and other uses. Icon Water operates the Dam and is responsible for dam maintenance and water supply to the local town of Queanbeyan and surrounding areas.

Googong Dam Viewing Spot

Features and Amenities

The Googong Dam is a massive concrete gravity dam that is 60 meters tall and 230 meters long. It has a storage capacity of around 37,500 megaliters and can provide water to the region for up to 18 months without requiring significant inflow. The Dam also houses a hydroelectric power station, which creates electricity for the surrounding area.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of leisure activities and facilities at the Dam. A visitors center with interactive exhibits and displays provides information about the Dam and its history. Visitors can take a guided tour of the Dam, and there is a picnic area with grills. Various trails around the Dam allow tourists to explore the incredible natural surroundings. Fishing is another popular pastime at the Dam, as the reservoir has a variety of fish.

The Googong Dam is a vital supply of water for the surrounding area. The Dam provides drinking water and irrigation water to the town of Queanbeyan and its surrounding areas. The Dam’s hydroelectric power station also produces electricity for the surrounding area. The Dam’s water storage capacity can offer a consistent water supply to the region during periods of drought or low rainfall.

Googong Dam is a massive concrete gravity dam that provides visitors with various recreational activities and facilities. It has a storage capacity of around 37,500 megaliters and can supply water to the region for up to 18 months without considerable inflow.

Conservation and Environment

a variety of conservation activities and initiatives to offset the Dam’s impact on the local ecosystem.

The fish ladder, which allows fish to pass under the Dam and continue their upstream migration, is one of the vital conservation efforts. Furthermore, the Dam’s operators conduct frequent monitoring and research of the local ecology to analyze the Dam’s influence on aquatic species in the river and to identify any areas that require additional conservation measures. The Dam’s operators also collaborate closely with environmental and conservation organizations to ensure that the Dam’s operations adhere to best environmental practices.

The Googong Dam also serves a significant role in flood mitigation and community protection. The Dam’s huge reservoir can retain a considerable volume of water, which may be released gradually, lessening the downstream effects of floods on local people. The Dam’s operators collaborate closely with local communities and government organizations to create and implement flood mitigation strategies that safeguard the safety of surrounding communities during flood occurrences.

The Dam influences the surrounding ecosystem, although conservation initiatives have been implemented to limit this impact. The Dam’s operators cooperate with environmental and conservation groups and government authorities to ensure the safety of adjacent populations during flood occurrences.

Googong Dam

Visiting the Dam

The Googong Dam is open to the public during daytime hours, and visitors can visit the Dam and its facilities. The Dam has no entrance cost and is open all year; however, some portions may be restricted for maintenance or safety concerns. For current access and visitor hours, consult the Dam’s official website or contact the Dam’s operators.

Picnicking, fishing, boating, and wandering around the Dam to enjoy the reservoir views are just a few of the activities and things to do at the Dam. The visitor center, which contains information and displays about the Dam, its operations, and the surrounding area, is also a great place to learn about the Dam’s history and role in the community.

Wear suitable clothing and footwear, and be aware of the weather for a safe and enjoyable visit to the Dam. Because the Dam and its surroundings can be dangerous, it’s crucial to stay on approved paths and heed safety signs and directions. Visitors should be advised that the Dam is in use and that specific parts may be restricted for safety reasons. The Dam does not accept pets or bicycles. It’s also a good idea to carry sunscreen, insect repellent, and plenty of water.

The Googong Dam is available to the public and provides a variety of activities and attractions for tourists. There is no admission cost, and it is open during the day. Picnics, fishing, boating, and walking around the Dam are popular activities for visitors. Visitors can have a safe and pleasurable visit to the Dam by following safety rules and procedures. Visiting The Queanbeyan Museum and Historical Society is a great way to learn about the local community and culture, and to gain insight into the region’s rich history. It’s important to check the official website before visiting, wear appropriate shoes and be respectful of the artifacts and the space.


The Googong Dam is a one-of-a-kind attraction that provides tourists various features and benefits. The Dam is a big artificial dam critical to the region’s drinking water and irrigation. It also provides tourists with various leisure activities and facilities, such as picnic spaces, playgrounds, and BBQ grills. A lovely natural environment also surrounds the Dam, and people can walk around it to enjoy the reservoir views. Visitors can also learn about the Dam’s history and significance in the community at the visitor center.

Visitors who wish to enjoy the outdoors while learning about the region’s water supply and history should visit the Googong Dam. The Dam’s recreational activities, natural landscape, and visitor center make it a popular destination for families and individuals. We encourage readers to go to the Dam and experience it for themselves.

Visitors can now follow the Dam on social media for updates on events and activities, as well as photos of the Dam’s gorgeous surroundings. Readers can visit the Dam’s official website or contact the Dam’s operators directly for further information about the Googong Dam, including current access and visitation hours, recreational activities and facilities offered, and conservation efforts. The website also contains information about the Dam’s history and significance in delivering drinking water and irrigation to the region.

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