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Winter is finally abating and making way for spring. Temperatures are rising and the snow is starting to melt. Winter is a hard time for people, their machines, and their homes. The cold temperatures, ice, and snow do a number on everything and everyone. Homeowners, property managers, and business owners will be looking to get external repairs done on their properties in the spring. This is especially true of their driveways and parking lots. Pavement takes a beating as a rule. Snow and ice combined with coarse rock salt and deicing agents really take a toll on asphalt. The chemicals in salt and deicing agents slowly eat away at the bitumen and asphalt, weakening it and leading to cracks and holes. Here we have some tips on how to repair a driveway after winter.

How to Bring Life Back to Your Driveway After Winter


decorative concrete overlay

Winter weather can really damage your concrete driveway. All the cracks and discoloration that arise during the colder months can age your concrete, distracting from your beautiful home and spring landscape. As the temperature begins to rise in the coming months, now is the time to consider reviving your driveway with a decorative concrete overlay.

Before we begin, we would like to briefly address current events. We understand that the COVID-19 crisis has impacted the majority of our readers in some way, leaving many without jobs and struggling financially. Our hearts go out to you all, and we wanted to take your mind off of it for a bit by giving you something fun and creative to daydream about.

Unique stone patterns

Did you know that not all driveways resembling gorgeous stones like cobblestone are actually made out of these stones? This is one of concrete’s best kept secrets.

Stone-like designs can be created using special concrete molds or stamps, depending on your desired effect. Concrete stamping allows you to place any design imaginable into your driveway, including logos and various graphics.

Rubber rollers and concrete stamping mats are ideal for creating indentations in your concrete to produce that beautiful stone-like appearance. If you’re looking to mimic the appearance of Roman texture slate, brick, flagstone, wood plank, European cobblestone, Ashlar slate, or tile, this is the route we suggest you take.

Fun colors and designs

One of the best ways to add life back to your concrete is through color. With special stains, paints, and dyes, you can color your concrete with fade-resistant, permanent color that penetrates deep into the surface.

After sealing in the color patterns of your choice, stains from car fluid and elements of nature can now be wiped right off. Sealant can also repel moisture, which will prevent mildew or mold from growing.

If you’re looking for something to do now while you’re stuck at home, concrete can also be painted. Make sure to buy paint that’s rated for outdoor use, like porch paint for example, and thoroughly pressure wash your driveway before starting.

Adding a decorative overlay to your concrete will help you rest assured that the changes of the seasons will no longer affect the aesthetic appeal of your driveway. It’s also easy to maintain, requiring just a simple sweep every now and then to prevent dirt from building up.

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