What is Honed Concrete?


Honed Concrete is simply a type of smooth concrete which is gaining popularity in many modern homes, due to its contemporary and stylish look. Honed Concrete is also commonly referred to as ‘Grind and Seal Concrete’.

Why? Simply because of the method employed when installing this kind of concrete. Grinding down the concrete comes first, which seals any cracks that may be present, while also preparing it for the sealing that comes next, which provides the highly sought-after shine that is so desired.

This type of concrete possesses a mirror-like finish, and is highly customizable based on your needs and desires. Honed concrete can be commonly found in business establishments, for the  professional aesthetic as well as the ease of maintaining it, only needing the use of a mop and cleaning agent most of the time.

But what about the grind and seal concrete cost, right? While, yes, it can be on the more expensive side of the flooring aspect, it certainly won’t punch a hole in your wallet either. Grind and seal concrete cost can range from $30-80 per square meter on average, and from $80-150 per square meter for more luxurious and expensive variants. (*The prices shown here are only a guideline based on market prices.*)

Apart from grind and seal costs, here are some of the benefits of going for this flooring alternative:

  • Slip resistant: even when wet,  honed concrete is rough enough to keep your grip.
  • Colour and quality retention: maintenance for honed concrete is simple and you won’t have to worry about professional repairs
  • Long-lasting: If taken care of properly, honed concrete can last for up to 50 years!
  • Withstands extreme climate: In countries like Australia, weather can turn extreme at different points of the year, and honed concrete is designed to maintain its quality in all sorts of external conditions.


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