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New asphalt looks great and is designed to deliver great performance, but it takes some time before newly-paved asphalt is ready to be used. There are a lot of major effects of rain on new asphalt and it’s important to be aware of these effects to make sure that your asphalt is protected from the elements. Keep reading to learn more about how rain can impact new asphalt and how to make sure your asphalt is kept in the best condition possible until it dries and cures fully.Fresh asphalt is made with a mixture of oil and aggregate. After the asphalt is laid, it slowly dries and cures into a solid surface that isn’t vulnerable to rain damage. However, until asphalt dries, the oil inside the fresh asphalt can react to water, causing it to rise to the surface. When this reaction happens, it can prevent asphalt from curing properly and lead to all kinds of problems, including cracking and premature pothole development.

Does Rainfall Affects Your New Driveway Asphalt Paving?


Wanna know that How Long Does It Take For Asphalt to Cure after waterlogging? Or

Are you thinking Can Asphalt Be Laid In The Rain Season?

Well if the answer to all the above questions is yes… yes and yes! Then you need to check our blog “Rain On New Asphalt Driveway” right now!!

Here you will get to know that how rainfall affects your asphalt paving plus what precautions you should take to avoid such situations!


So have a look

Laying Asphalt in the Rain Season?

Well in general heavy rainfall do damages the roads and driveways.

And talking about new asphalt pavement constructions… it is always better to avoid rainy seasons… or to delay the construction till the rainfall stops and that area also gets dry!

This material is a combination of hot- mix and cold-mix of asphalt and macadam.

It is also known as blacktop. And this mixture contains oil and we all know that what happens when oil comes in contact with water! It repels…

Likewise, rainfall affects asphalt paving and causes the oil to repel and come over the top surface. This can cause severe damages and cracks also which may not be visible now but in the long run.

Talking about these situations there are various ways which you can follow to Prevent Rain On New Asphalt Driveway!

But to give you ease we have mentioned the top 4 ways by which you can protect your new asphalt pavement.

So get through all the points…

4 Ways Through Which You Can Protect Your New Asphalt driveway

1: Crack filling

The asphalt pavement crack filling is one of the essential things you can do to protect the asphalt driveway.

It’s a process that prevents water from penetrating asphalt surfaces and causing damage to underneath ground.

Though the small cracks can also be repaired by the homeowners themselves!

But for larger cracks good and professional pavement contractors should be on hire.

2: Pothole repair

Potholes are both the result and cause of water damage. They add to the damage of the driveway more!

So whenever you see potholes in your asphalt paving it’s better to hire professional pavement contractors. This will not only solve your problem but will also save you from higher repairing cost.

3: Sealcoating asphalt

It is a cost-effective procedure… that will save a lot of your money and time by preventing potholes and other damages.

The pavement contractors apply a protective sealant on the asphalt to cover up all the crack fillings and protect it from moisture.

In fact, this method adds more ages to the asphalt driveway pavements.

4: Regular maintenance

The last but most important thing that you can do is to look around your property on a regular basis.

This will help you in knowing even minor issues at the start…like small cracks filling by self, a proper drainage system, and so on.

So now that you know that what are the ways by which you can increase the lifespan of your driveway.

You must be thinking of but who to opt for providing these services! Right?

So let us also conclude this by giving a suggestion of whom you should approach or go for when in need!


Though there is no guarantee of rain that it will occur only in the rainy season!

Like what will you do if it Rain After Asphalt Paving?

So the only thing you can do is to hire such a good contractor who knows how to tackle such situations!

And for that our suggestion is the Main Infrastructure Company.

It offers wide range of services which includes;
  • Asphalt paving
  • Catch basin repair
  • Hydrovac services
  • Pothole repairs
  • Infrared asphalt paving
  • Asphalt crack sealing

So if you are looking to hire any asphalt paving contractor give us this opportunity and have a belief that we will never let you down.

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