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A driveway is a major factor in your home’s curb appeal. Any driveway damage becomes an immediate eyesore you just can’t help but notice every time you go outside. And if your driveway has numerous potholes and is slowly crumbling away at the edges, it’s probably time to repave. But can you even afford a new driveway? How much will it set you back? No worries, our driveway paving experts are here to help you budget for this update.

How Much Does It Cost To Repave An Asphalt Driveway?


Asphalt has a long life that makes it sustainable for years. Still, after a time it needs replacement. But, what’s the Asphalt Paving Cost for the new pavement.

Replacing or installing entirely new pavement, in either case, expenses are heavy. Having in-depth information can help you diminish several unnecessary costs. In other words, you can get quality and long-lasting pavement at a much reasonable price.

However, that required enough comprehensive knowledge of paving. Thus, to acknowledge you with the nitty-gritty of pavement installation to determine the final Asphalt Driveway Paving Cost.

5 Factors Responsible For Cost Of Driveway Paving

Is asphalt the only determinant of the expenses? If you were thinking so, you are entirely wrong. It isn’t the quantity of the paving material capable of interfering with the budget but several acknowledged factors.

In fact, we have taken our time to introduce you to the possible 5 factors responsible for the Cost Of Driveway Paving. So, let’s start with

#1 Size Of The Project

First, the expenses entirely depend on the total project size. Certainly, a pavement that goes very long would require more material, workers, efforts, and precision.

Hence, the Asphalt Road Paving cost would be much higher compared to the pavement with a smaller size area.

#2 Quality Of Material

Usually, overlooked but the type of asphalt utilized in paving can probably affect your budget. The top options available are Hot-mix or cold mix asphalt differing in the specification.

Rather than selecting, either from the perspective of price might hinder the longevity of the pavement. In fact, each offers better results in specific weather conditions.

Thus, consider your asphalt type accordingly without stressing about the Cost Of Driveway Paving.

#3 Replacement Cost

When replacing an asphalt pavement already exiting layer can become a pain in the neck.

The contractor has to remove it out to begin its work. Most companies prescribe additional charges for the particular Asphalt Paving Services.

So, when hiring any Asphalt Repair Company discuss clearly every aspect including this one.

#4 Type Of Area

Oftentimes the worksite might demand additional workforces. Certainly, this would add unexpected expenses irrationally, for which you are unprepared.

Again, while discussing your project do it at length to prevent such unexpected Asphalt Paving Costs.

#5 Other Charges

next is the most unexpected charges, i.e. transportation charges. From where did it come? Well, the asphalt mix we told you about has to be transported from the plant where it is prepared.

It requires a special vehicle to transport it to keep it running and usable for the pavement. This can add measurable expenses to your project. This is one of the other Factors Responsible For Cost Of Driveway Paving.

Overall, whether it is Asphalt Driveway Repair or pavement replacement, these factors influence the Cost To Repave Driveway.

Whatsoever, keeping these aspects in the head while hiring your asphalt paving company can prevent most of the sudden expenses.

Quality and Long Lasting Asphalt Pavement

Main Infrastructure, the top-level Asphalt Paving Toronto, holds the expertise in installing long-lasting quality pavement. From large scale projects to small residential asphalt work, we perform each task with precision.

What makes us best is our commitment to top-notch finish, longevity, and durability. Altogether with an experienced and trained team, we make up with our standard to reach out to our client with the best project results.

The dedication of our certified and brilliantly skilled professionals has helped us to become the top company in Toronto.

We can definitely assure you, you would thank us for hiring for different asphalt services.

Do you have any other specific asphalt pavement requirements? Consult with our representatives to get most of your project.

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