You can get rid of hoverflies by following a few simple tips. Try using a fan to blow them off, or hanging fly tape to repel them. Or, try growing some plants that produce pollen and nectar. This will deter the insects from landing on your patio or garden.

Make A Hoverfly Trap


One of the most effective ways to get rid of hoverflies on your deck or patio is to use flypaper as a trap. Flypaper contains a sticky surface that hoverflies will quickly become attracted to. Once they get stuck to the sticky paper, they will be unable to fly away and will eventually die of starvation.

Another effective method is to use citronella oil or candles to repel hoverflies. These are natural fly repellents that won’t harm your children or pets. You can also place citrus fruit peels near a hoverfly colony.

Hoverflies are attracted to bright, fragrant flowers. You can also move these flowers from your patio to prevent infestation and stop them from landing on your plants and food. Herbs such as dill and mint are also natural repellents.

Make a Fly Repellent

If you want to get rid of hoverflies on your deck or patio, you can make a fly repellent yourself. This homemade solution will smell strongly and kill the flies. To make it, mix together apple cider vinegar, dish soap, and peppermint oil. Also, put some citrus fruit peels around the area where hoverflies are most active.

Hoverflies are not harmful to people but can be quite annoying when you are relaxing in your patio or garden. They are useful for plants because they feed on nectar and pollen. If you have a large flower garden, hoverflies can be particularly troublesome. You can even use a small electric fan to keep them away.

Another effective fly repellent is a venus fly trap. This plant has a sweet sap that flies cannot resist, and its leaves are close to the flies’ digestive systems. It can take several days before the leaves open and digest the flies. Lemon fruit is also known to repel flies. You can place slices on your table or put lemon slices in the flame of a patio screen.

Using a Fan

One of the best ways to get rid of hoverflies on your deck or patio is to use a fan. Hoverflies don’t like the noise a fan makes, so they’ll flee. They can be a nuisance, but they actually serve a beneficial purpose – they keep pests away by feeding on pollen and nectar from plants. You can even make a homemade fly repellent from several items around your house, such as vinegar and soap. Spray this mixture on the area you’d like to be free of hoverflies, and they’ll leave.

Another way to get rid of hoverflies is by using citronella oil. The fragrance from these oils is so strong that hoverflies won’t want to fly near it. You can also use peppermint oil or a mixture of lemon, clove, or rosemary to repel them.

Another natural solution to hoverflies is to use a fly zapper. These devices are coated with a substance that flies like and then become stuck on them. After a while, they’ll die. You can even use a fan to get rid of hoverflies on your patio.

Use Plants with Nectar and Pollen

Hoverflies are tiny, black and yellow insects that are attracted to the pollen and nectar of certain plants. They are an important part of the ecosystem and help with pollination. They also serve as a natural pest control, eating bugs and other garden pests. Although they may look like wasps or yellowjackets, hoverflies do not sting. These insects are often attracted to the flowers in gardens and patios.

If hoverflies seem to frequent your patio, you should try keeping it clean. They tend to stay near food, so keep your patio free of food and drink containers. Hoverflies will not stay long in your patio if you do not remove these food or drink items.

You can also use a homemade bug spray. You can find the ingredients in any grocery store, but make sure you read the directions before using them. This spray contains honey and can last for a few days if you store it in the fridge. Simply mix a few drops in a quart of water and spray the plants. This spray is effective from spring to early summer, as long as the temperatures are below 80 degrees.

Keep your garden dry

One way to get rid of hoverflies on your porch or patio is to keep it dry. This will prevent the insects from getting attracted to it and causing a problem. Hoverflies are members of the syrphid family and like to live in areas that are wet or dirty. A broom can be very useful in this case as it will remove any dirt that attracts hoverflies. In addition, you can place some bait on the patio to attract the flies away.

Another way to get rid of hoverflies is by using a fly repellent. This can be made from several different items, including soap, vinegar, and water. A mixture of the three can be placed in a spray bottle and sprayed on the area where hoverflies are most likely to be. This will help send them to a different yard or garden.

Another way to get rid of hoverflies is to plant plants that repel them. Hoverflies will lay their eggs on plants and gardens, so removing plants that attract them will help reduce the number of eggs. Planting daisies and marigolds can be beneficial.

Spray insecticide

Insecticide is one option for spraying hoverflies off of your patio or deck, but you may also be tempted to use some natural fly repellents instead. Citronella candles and oil from citrus fruits can be placed near the hoverfly’s home to deter them. You can also place citrus fruit peels near the area where hoverflies are most active.

Traditional pesticides may work well on these insects, but they contain toxic ingredients that can be dangerous for humans and pets. You should be especially cautious when using these products as they should be applied in areas where the flies will be most attracted to them. If you have children or pets at home, it’s best to keep them away from the spray.

Another way to repel hoverflies is to make a homemade fly trap. To make a homemade fly trap, put a sugary solution in water, and cover it with plastic wrap. Hoverflies will be drawn to the sugary solution, and they will try to squeeze themselves in it. You can also use a powerful fan to scare away the hoverflies.

Provide Plants with Nectar and Pollen

One way to get rid of hoverflies is to provide plants with pollen and nectar. These insects are attracted to flowers and are not harmful to humans. However, they can be quite annoying if you don’t want them to visit your patio or garden. It is also a good idea to use essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus to repel these insects. These essential oils have medicinal and soothing properties. You can also put a few drops of them in areas where hoverflies congregate. Just make sure to replace these essential oils every couple of days.

Insecticides may also help you to get rid of hoverflies. These insects eat soft-bodied insects that can stunt plant growth or cause its foliage to wilt. However, they are an excellent pollinator and help to control aphids.


If you’re fed up with hoverflies invading your patio, it may be time to try a natural fly repellent. There are a variety of products available that won’t harm your children or pets, and many of them are effective. Citronella oil, citrus fruit peels, and lemon halves can be placed near the area where hoverflies are active.

Fly traps can also help. Fly baits can be made from paper and glue, which can attract and trap hoverflies. Place them on patio areas where hoverflies tend to congregate. Hoverflies are attracted to areas with dirt and garbage. Cleaning these areas regularly will help to repel hoverflies and keep them from returning.

Fortunately, hoverflies don’t harm humans. In fact, they are beneficial to your garden, where they help to control aphid infestation by up to 80 percent. You can easily recognize them by their yellow and brown bands, similar to those of wasps, but they won’t sting you. In addition, they provide a service to plant life and can serve as a natural deterrent to unwanted guests.


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