In the bathroom


If there’s any area where having easy-to-clean surfaces is important, it’s the bathroom. With limestone being so resistant against stains, there’s no need for major scrubbing. Not to mention, its beautiful appearance can help craft your dream bathroom.

Architectural elements

Elegant staircases, fireplaces, columns, window and door frames, fountains, and balusters can all be created using crushed limestone blended with fine materials to craft a range of finished looks that compliment your home. 


Limestone also has many landscaping applications that can increase your curb appeal and beautify your property.  One of the most common outdoor uses is pavers, due to the ability of limestone to reflect light and cool off outdoor areas such as walkways, patios, and pool decks. This material is ideal for pavers as it is long-lasting, versatile, and comes in a variety of styles. Limestone is also used to create drainage ditches and driveways. When crushed, it’s commonly used to coat roofs, enrich soil, and prevent erosion. Limestone is a beautiful material that can be used in a variety of ways. From countertops to garden walls, this stone has many uses. At Port Aggregates, we offer various sizes and colors of limestone, from #610 calica (powder – 1 1/2″) to 55lb rip rap. Regardless of how you utilize limestone, you’ll get prompt delivery throughout southwest Louisiana from Port Aggregates, whether by barge or through our own fleet of trucks. Contact us today to request a quote for your commercial or residential project
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