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If you have a large property or you’re directly connected to the driveway, it’s important to enhance your security with the use of driveway gates. These gates are particularly designed to provide you with a better way to stop everyone from entering your home’s lot and parking space. And there are many other benefits that can arrive from installing farm & ranch gates or regular driveway gates!

One of the main reasons why a lot of people want to have driveway gates is because they are designed to keep people away from your home. You need to use them the best way that you can, and the results will be great and impressive every time. When you install driveway gates, you immediately have a privacy fence around the property. It will be a lot harder for people to snoop in and see what you are doing. That’s definitely important, especially if you’re the type of person that dislikes intrusions and just wants to be left in peace and enjoy their time in a unique and great manner.

Choosing The Right Driveway Gates


Choosing the right driveway gates will help define your property. Depending on the design, they can be used to complement the aesthetic or uplift a tired looking façade. If you’re looking to enhance your street presence, make your home more secure or simply wanting to complete your home’s look here are some tips to help you choose the right driveway gates.


You have an unlimited amount of driveway gate styles to choose from which makes choosing the right driveway gates more challenging. Deciding on the style, materials and colours will come down to the look and feel you’re wanting to create.  Do you want a grand entrance or something more understated? Are you wanting a modern look or to stick with a traditional style? Do you want complete privacy or something more open?

Rather than leave it as an afterthought, take the time to decide on your gates and boundary fences in conjunction with the rest of your home. That way, you can choosing the right driveway gates that create a cohesive aesthetic.

If you’re updating or replacing existing driveway gates, consider the aesthetic of your home. Wrought iron or timber driveway gates, for example, may suit an older style home, whereas steel or aluminium may work better with a contemporary home. The materiality will also depend on the style of the gates as some materials will suit both traditional and modern architecture.

When considering the type of driveway gate best suited to your home, also consider the material your gate will be hinged off.  A timber gate framed by natural stone pillars will offer a very different aesthetic than if they were installed hinged to a timber panelling fence. Depending on your personal preferences, gate pillars can be made a feature or as discrete as you desire.

Take a look at the top considerations you should make when planning a driveway.



One of key considerations to make when choosing the right driveway gates for your property will relate to materials. Some of the most common materials used for driveway gates include:

  • Wrought Iron
    Wrought iron driveway gates can range from simple to ornamental and intricate designs offering a classic aesthetic.
  • Timber
    Timber gates can create a modern or traditional look depending on the type of timber and the design. It’s important when choosing timber you opt for a quality exterior grade that has been treated for this application.
  • Aluminium
    Aluminium driveway gates are popular due to their resistance to rust. They’re also very durable while being lightweight, however, it can be easily bent so it is not the most effective material for high-security applications. Aluminium is a versatile material as it can be powder coated to suit your home’s colour palette.
  • Steel
    Steel is one of the most durable materials suitable for driveway applications. The strong nature of steel makes it resistant to damage from wind or impact. One thing to keep in mind is that steel is very heavy so installing can be more complex. Steel is also one of the more expensive materials for driveway gates.


How you want your driveway gates function will also be a key consideration and will influence the style and materiality. Do you want a mechanical gate or one that is motorised? Do you want a slider or one that swings open?  Is your block slopping or relatively flat?

If you’re limited on space, a sliding driveway gate may be a more realistic option. They are also more suitable for sloping entrances and can be designed to complement a traditional or contemporary residence.  When choosing between a sliding or swing gate, you’ll need to factor in the width of your driveway. A wider than normal driveway gate will need to be custom made and of a material that prevents sagging.

For those wanting the ease of entering and exiting the driveway at a push of the putting, it’s worth incorporating solar power to reduce running costs and your environmental footprint. Another popular addition to enhance the functionality of driveway gates is installing an intercom system to allow for the entering of guests or security cameras.

For more advice about driveways, take a browse through the driveway page of our Learning Library.

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