Flagstone is a prevalent concrete stamp choice, and this stamp works very well for patios. Whether you have a small patio or a large one, flagstone stamps can be sized to fit the space. Thanks to the look of natural stone, your guests will be hard-pressed to tell the difference from the real deal. The great thing about flagstone stamps is that there are several ways in which you can customize the look. For example, you can use multiple colors to enhance the depth of the project. A flagstone patio will really tie your outdoor space together.

Should you desire a patio or walkway that emulates the streets of 17th-century Europe, cobblestone stamps will suit you nicely. With cobblestone stamps, you enjoy the look of cobblestones but won’t suffer the drawbacks of the actual material. In addition, since cobblestone concrete is a continuous surface, nobody will be tripping over loose stones, and you never have to worry about weeds popping up in the space between the stones.

Ashlar is a concrete stamp with random rectangles and squares configured throughout the pad. As with other stamps, there are several ashlar styles available for unique looks. The finish on these stamps can be smooth to heavily textured. You can choose one color for your patio or walkway or select multiple colors for a three-dimensional look.


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