Paved driveways are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. In addition to adding to the curb appeal of your home, pavement offers a number of advantages over other types of driveways. Perhaps most importantly, it is much easier to keep clean. It’s also very sturdy and can withstand heavy traffic without deterioration. And if you live in an area with cold winters, pavement is a great choice because it doesn’t crack or heave like concrete can. If you’re considering having a new driveway installed, be sure to ask for pavement. You won’t regret it!

Paved Driveways 4 Good Reasons Request


Today numerous homeowners in North Carolina appreciate the convenience of lovely paved driveways. If you’ve considered upgrading your real estate by commissioning driveway improvements, we’d like to suggest four strong reasons to consider taking this action soon. You won’t regret your decision to invest in your home:

»  One: Help Maintain Access to Your Home on a 24/7/365 Basis  «

A concrete paved driveway remains the “gold standard” for accessing a residential property, of course. Today, many realty buyers won’t consider purchasing a home without this feature. Maintaining a gravel or dirt driveway in a usable condition simply requires too much time and effort for most modern households. Plus, over time the cost of periodically re-applying depleted driveway gravel, sand, or stone really adds up!

The popular website allows consumers to track online estimated real estate values for states and cities in the United States. It recently forecast an increase in average residential realty values in our state of 4.7% during the coming year.

Many people in the Raleigh area regard home ownership as one of the most important means of ensuring the financial security of their families. Maintaining easy access to this important asset remains a basic concern. You require the capability to reach your residence dependably during every season of the year in order to fully enjoy owning your property. In this respect, installing a permanent paved driveway usually offers greater peace of mind.

Concrete Paved Driveway

» Two: Paved Driveways And Attractive Vehicles Belong Together  «

Paved driveways offer a second very fundamental advantage. Unlike loose stone or gravel surfaces, they don’t pose a significant risk of causing dings to the exteriors of parked vehicles. When cars travel through a gravel-covered area, loose material sometimes dislodges from the roadway and slams into adjacent automobiles. Flying gravel may cause cracks and bullseye abrasions on auto windshields and windows. Even worse, this material sometimes scratches or dings glossy finishes. If you own multiple vehicles, regularly using a driveway covered with loose aggregates instead of concrete may eventually contribute to automotive window glass or surface repair bills over the course of time. It often requires more frequent car washing, too.

By contrast, concrete drives seem tailor-made for vehicles and drivers. These surfaces typically withstand years of heavy, regular use. They can support heavy trucks and vans reliably. While you will need to resurface a concrete driveway eventually, this process generally won’t hinge upon the severity of last year’s winter weather (unlike gravel driveway maintenance). Plus, if you ever do need to quickly eyeball the condition of axles, undercarriages or tires, you’ll find this process much easier to undertake on a level concrete surface.

» Three: Reduce Lawn Care Challenges «

Paved driveways offer another benefit for homeowners. If you maintain a lawn adjoining your driveway, the process of mowing it usually becomes a little easier once you switch from a loose aggregate or dirt drive to a concrete one. Why?

Have you ever inadvertently kicked a pebble while walking and sent it flying up into the air? Homeowners who depend on dirt or gravel drives frequently encounter rocks and stones on their lawns. Foot traffic on the driveway may accidentally loosen and remove gravel, stones, or mud. These materials pose a lawn mowing inconvenience if they wind up scattered around the edges of the lawn. (Loose gravel potentially damages lawn mower blades.)

» Four: Enhance “Curb Appeal” «

Probably the strongest reason to consider installing a concrete paved driveway involves augmenting the overall ambiance of the property, however. You’ve probably noticed how well-maintained a home appears following the construction (or resurfacing) of a lovely paved surface. You can mentally preview this change simply by imagining several different houses in your neighborhood after they have undergone this transformation.

Today, some full-time concrete installers (like We Do Concrete Cheap) assist property owners by providing a variety of available concrete textures and surfaces. We offer to mix and staining services to create drives in a variety of exciting tones. Choose popular gray shades, or white, yellow, red, umber, or black hues. We’ll help you match the appearance of your driveway to complement residential masonry, for instance. Our company specializes in customizing concrete improvements to help Raleigh homeowners achieve their individual design goals.


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