Concrete is a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. It’s durable, low-maintenance, and easy to customize with a variety of colors and finishes. However, plain concrete can sometimes look bland and industrial. Burnished concrete is a great alternative finish that can add both beauty and functionality to any concrete surface. Burnishing is a process of polishing the concrete with a high-speed buffer.

This creates a smooth, glossy surface that reflects light and creates an illusion of depth. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, burnished concrete is also more slip-resistant than plain concrete, making it an ideal choice for flooring in high-traffic areas. If you’re looking for a unique way to finish your concrete surfaces, burnished concrete is definitely worth considering.

Burnished concrete, a good choice for flooring?


In this short article we provide an overview of the techniques used to harden and make more attractive a pre existing concrete floor. We also look at a better method of treating an already laid concrete floor.

What is Burnished Concrete?

Burnished Concrete is a treatment applied to a pre-existing concrete floor to improve the hardness and look. Usually the burnishing process is applied to a floor without exposing aggregate and, therefore, a dry shake is often applied as a final process prior to burnishing.

Steel Trowel Burnishing

Steel trowel burnishing of concrete surface is obtained by repeatedly working the surface of the concrete using a power trowelling machine until a lustre is produced on the surface of the concrete.

Repeatedly trowelling the concrete surface ensures improved durability, impermeability and abrasion resistance.

Trowelling must be undertaken with consistent pressure and is often lubricated with water to produce a smoother finish. Each pass of the trowel should be perpendicular to the previous pass to eliminate the development of ridges and depressions.

Wax or Resin Burnishing

Burnishing of concrete done using the application of wax and resin must be first steel trowelled to provide a trowel-mark free and smooth concrete surface.

Where resin is used, they shall be applied to the surface using the makers instructions as different resins are applied in different ways. It should be noted that resin has a limited life and must be replaced after a few years of use.

Where natural wax products are used, they are applied to the floor and blended into the surface using standard floor polishing equipment. Wax is often used as part of the maintenance process as wear will cause the wax finish to disappear.

A better alternative to burnished concrete – The BECOSAN System

Burnished concrete is more durable and more attractive than regular concrete but can we make it more durable and even more attractive? Also, can we make it easier to maintain and require lower maintenance? The answer is yes with the BECOSAN® SYSTEM.

Here at Becosan, we recommend, that once the floor has been polished to the required standard, the BECOSAN® Concrete Densifier should be applied over the entire surface to reinforce the concrete. This lithium-based densifier product binds the surface of the concrete together and allows the concrete to withstand heavy traffic.

After the polishing phase is complete then we apply the BECOSAN® Concrete Sealer, making the floor much more resistant to the absorption of liquids, leaving the surface stain free for many years.

A final polish and you have a hard, flat, smooth and beautifully polished concrete floor that will maintain its sparkle for many, many years..

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