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If you need to pave or repair your driveway, it is understandable that you prefer to do the job right away. A driveway in poor condition is unsightly and rough, and existing damage can worsen over time. However, paving or making repairs at the wrong time of year can prove to be an expensive mistake. Major repairs and new paving should only be done during summer months, though emergency patching can be done at any time. Here is what you should know.

Most driveways are paved with asphalt, which is a tar-like mixture containing an aggregate of sand and stone. The asphalt must be heated in order for it to liquify and then be poured and spread. Because the asphalt tends to solidify rapidly, contractors must work with it quickly when outdoor temperatures aren’t ideal, so that the material doesn’t turn solid before it has been smoothed over and the driveway is paved properly.

Why Summer Is The Best Time to Get Your Driveway Paved?


Why Is Paving Done In The Summer Months?

Well, getting it in summer can be highly beneficial for your property in every aspect.

When it comes to paving, every asphalt paving company suggests summer as the best time.

Firstly, asphalt paving is not that easy as it seems. It takes precision and skill to perform Asphalt Driveway Paving.

Not every asphalt contractor can perform the process with adeptness and skill.

Actually, paving done in summer has its own perks in getting highly durable and lasting paving.

Undoubtedly, with no disadvantages, asphalt is the best paving material suggested by experts and renowned paving contractors.

However, getting the pavement done at a specific time can be very beneficial!

Go through it to understand why this season is best to get paving done.

4 Reasons for Why Is Paving Done In The Summer Months 

According to experts, getting driveway paving done in summer is best.

In fact, being the hottest time of the year, it benefits the strength and durability of the pavement.

However, there are several perks in particular which are stated right below:

#1. Paving Material Remains Stable

In summer, as the temperature remains high, it helps asphalt mixture to remain fixed and sound.

Well, this helps maintain the strength and consistency of the pavement.

On the contrary, the colder temperature can affect material stability as installation needs to complete in less time.

#2. More Competent Application

Asphalt paving is a time taking procedure in which a hot mixture is laid with machines or by hands.

However, in summer, as the temperature is higher, there is more time to complete the process.

On the other hand, in colder temperatures, you need to complete the procedure fast before the hot mix becomes cold.

So, it affects the competency of the pavement.

#3. Sealant Dries Quicker

After paving asphalt, the contractor applies a coat of high-quality, breathable, latex sealant.

In hot temperatures, you have a much feasible time to accomplish this process and it dries faster.

However, in colder seasons, the sealant takes more time to dry which can affect its durability and bond of paving materials.

#4. Less Risk of Inclement Weather

In summer, while the hot asphalt mixture is setting, it gets enough time to harden.

Eventually, this strengthens the entire pavement. And it is less likely to get ruined by inclement weather.

For instance, the rain will cool the asphalt affecting the optimum bond required to be achieved.

Why Is Paving Done In The Summer Months?

Well, these top reasons obviously give you the answer to why asphalt paving is more favorable in summer.

In fact, anyone would love to have a high quality, long-lasting, and durable pavement lasting for years and years.

By getting the service done in summer, you can achieve such competency.

Getting Best Asphalt Services

Asphalt paving services can be a great way to eradicate all your paving issues.

However, getting it done is summer is best for remarkable results.

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